This gay couple was harassed by their neighbors for years. Then they were brutally attacked


A gay couple in Belgium is coming forward to talk about the brutal beating they suffered in their neighborhood. Mauro Padovani, 46, and his husband Tom Freeman, 59, say that they were attacked last Monday near their home in a town outside Ghent. Mauro is Italian and Tom is American, but he was born in Belgium. They met 12 years ago and got married five years ago, and Mauro moved in with Tom in Belgium

Vermont’s Christine Hallquist, first transgender candidate to win major party nomination for Gov…


Christine Hallquist has defeated three other Vermont Democrats in Tuesday’s primary to become the first transgender candidate to win a major political party’s nomination for governor. Hallquist, 62, is being supported by The Victory Fund, a political action committee that backs LGBTQ candidates across the country, but she says she hopes to be elected on her platform, which includes higher wages for workers in the state, better health care for families and improved education for children.

LGBTQ Rally – 20th August 2018, 12 PM


Gay Georgia (GAGA) is organizing a rally in support of LGBTQ owned / Gay friendly venues at City Hall. Atlanta’s diversity is diminishing! The venues that we build as a community our vanishing. We want the city to know that our legacy is important to not only our community, but to the city. Tourism and neighborhoods flourish when diversity is part of the fabric of Georgia-